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manicure and pedicure services

Nails chip again?

Get your nails pretty to match your style

Got a date or wedding lunch to attend? Or your nails have grown long?

We help you keep your nails trimmed and looking pretty again. Whether you need a mani, pedis, gelish, nail art, acrylics and more, our senior nail beautician with excellent skills can help you.

Sit back and relax in our salon located in International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar area.

Types of Manicure Service

At beyoutiful nail salon, we provide the following services for your nail redo:

Classic Manicure

In classic manicure, we will file and shape your nails, do cuticle pushing and clipping. Hand massage and fingernail polish are also a part of it. This the most basic hand treatment.

Classic Manicure Gelish

This service is gel manicure in which pre-mixed acrylic gel is applied on the nails and allowed to harden and set under UV light. Multiple coats are also applied. This manicure service is a good choice if you want some extra oomph in the look.

Hand Spa

To give life to your hands, we remove dead cells and callous from them. Our professional beautician does her job well.

Hand Sugar Scrub

We recommend hand sugar scrub for exfoliation of the skin of hands. We usually tend to ignore this part of our skin.


Types of Pedicure Service

Classic Pedicure

Classic Pedicure and manicure go hand in hand. Sit back and relax while we do the job. Here’s what we’re good at. We trim and file your toenails. Finishing with nail polish after the scrubbing.

Classic Pedicure Gelish

This service is the same as that of a gel manicure. Just that it’s for your toenails. Gel manicure and pedicure are highly in vogue these days.

Gelish Extension

These are nail extensions to add length to your nails. We use acrylic gel for a long-lasting effect and strength. Our gelish extensions are of top-quality acrylic and last long and strong. So, for your upcoming event, if you are planning to have extensions, our gelish extensions are on the top.

Pedi Spa

Just like hand spa, foot spa is also one of our signature services.

Pedi Sugar Scrub

Similar to hand sugar scrub, pedi scrub exfoliates your feet’s skin. This is a must-to-have service if you want to do justice to your expensive and stylish footwear.

Price List



Classic Manicure:  $28  S$ 20
Classic Pedicure: $38  S$ 30
Classic Mani and Pedicure: $58  S$ 48

Express Manicure: $12  S$ 10
Express Pedicure: $15  S$ 12
Express Manicure and Pedicure: $22  S$ 20

Classic Manicure Gelish: $58  S$ 48
Classic Pedicure Gelish: $78  S$ 58
Classic Manicure , Pedicure Gelish: $128  S$ 98


Express Manicure Gelish: $38  S$ 30
Express Pedicure Gelish: $58  S$ 40
Express Manicure, Pedicure Gelish: $88  S$ 68
Gelish Extension: S$ 98

Art + S$ 5

Hand Spa: S$ 60
Pedi Spa: S$ 80
Hand Sugar Scrub: S$ 18
Pedi Sugar Scrub: S$ 20

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